Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nighttime Concert

I'm a lucky woman. What can I say? Not many people get their own concert every night :) Although, with Riley understanding more and more, we probably need to download some more child-appropriate music than "White Wedding". The best part of this is that Savannah going "WAh blah BLAH blah" gets a higher score on singing than Daddy ;)

Today was also my "orientation" day at work and the kids stayed with my grandmother's Saturday companion's daughter who let them watch Transformers (yeah, the grown up one) and Spongebob (which they KNOW and told her they weren't allowed to watch). Oy vey. That'll teach me to assume people know better!!

Anyway- enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where oh where has the Jelly Bean?

Sooo, yeah, we've been busy!

First Momma went on Mission team and the kids got time at home with Daddy! What fun for everyone! Momma had a great time going to Midlothian with 3 girls from church, she's always loved missions! The fam back home had a great time with daddy going camping and to the park! Yay for Daddy!

After Momma got back, it was Vacation Bible School week. We had over 80 kids and it was tons and tons of fun!! You can see a picture of Riley's class here, they were the K/1s and they were quite the group of energy balls! God bless their teachers!!

However, following that week, Mommy resigned at church in order to take a new position. She had two offers at very wonderful choices and spent lots of time praying and agonizing and letting Daddy make decision matrixes for her.

Ultimately, she decided on a new church, which you can check out by going here. Momma is excited to be part of a prayerful, established congregation, although she misses the kids at her old church something terrible!! Change is always difficult, but our whole family is very excited about this new position and our new church family-to-be!! We checked out services on Sunday (there were 2 happening at 11 AM and we went back and forth between the traditional and contemporary- Momma does love a contemporary service) and this coming Sunday will be our first official one!

Savannah Lynn had her 18 month checkup and has finally broken the 25th percentile for weight! She's now 23 pounds!! Such a change from her 8 month check where they labeled her failure to thrive!

Both boys are now officially signed up for school and will be attending the same preschool Riley did last year, which is also an early elementary. Riley will definitely benefit from the smaller class for one more year, even if it is a significant financial difference from the FREE public school!!! Logan is very excited, and so is Riley. Savannah is stuck with momma, except on Tuesday and Thursday when momma's working :)

In other news, we got to join Gramma and Papa on their boat down at Lake Anna! We had a ton of fun- Riley rode the innertube for 45 minutes straight!! Daddy couldn't join us due to some healing time needed after a very sensitive snipping- but we had a blast anyways!!