Friday, November 19, 2010

In Which We Breathe a Sigh of Relief

It's a month to be thankful, and I am so very very thankful that the (stupid) Gala is over.  It was really stressful to me because I didn't feel like I could get the support that I needed from other volunteers, although in the end I was tremendously blessed by several of them.  I feel like our lives have calmed down tremendously, which is great because we're coming up on the holidays and Riley's birthday! I'm so happy to have more energy and focus for my family!

I thought I'd share a few pictures:

This was our table of prizes that the principal put up with some help from the teachers displaying many of our items that wouldn't "walk away".  It was a great way to get the kids excited!
Riley's teacher was so awesome about helping out! She offered a day of baking cupcakes with a student and my friend Martha, who's also a teacher, went to classrooms to help make crafts.  This is Riley's class' contribution- they're Turkey Placemats.  We won both :) We couldn't help ourselves! I think these would be really really cute with just one handprint in the middle, too, for family placemats.  The kids dipped their hands and fingers in one color and then painted over with the other colors to make "feathers" and a beak.

I have a quote on my facebook from Top Chef- "I rarely do anything without a deep fryer and glitter".  I actually don't use a deep fryer that much, but I do love glitter!! We had a workday on Veteran's Day at my house and embossed bags and programs and strung beads for the centerpieces.  I was happy to have the company and everyone did a great job! I've never had a heat gun, so we used my flat iron to emboss and it actually worked really well!!

And here's a picture from the event.  I think everyone had fun!