Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In Which We Start Bow-way


I was so excited this morning to take Savannah to her first Ballet class!! I have been waiting to buy her leotards and ballet slippers since the day we had her ultrasound!  She's so much fun because she loves being a tough guy with her brothers most of the time- but will just as quickly switch gears for a tea party or to give her baby a bottle.

You aren't allowed to watch the class, which is hard, but since I used to teach figure skating to little ones I totally understand :)

Logan was especially cute this morning- he was so excited to "see his princess sister go to bow-way for the first time!" He was just so proud of her, and it was adorable!!

Totally made my day! My favorite part of being a mommy is seeing my children love on each other.  I hope they keep that up forever!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

In Which I Get a Bitty Smackdown

I am a huge sucker for a person with a cardboard sign.

EPIC sucker.

You want a coat or a free McDonald's lunch on me? Throw up a "Cold and Hungry Please Help" on an inverted Domino's Pizza Box.  I just feel bad I can't supersize your coke anymore.

Today we had lunch with Grandma at Olive Garden.  I have pictures! (This is not conversational whiplash, it's just setting up the story...which, btw, is a true story)

On our way out, there was a man standing on the corner holding a sign.  Logan asked if he was Santa- he had a white beard and a white cap on his head- so I can see it.  I didn't have any cash, which is actually not my donation of choice, so we drove past him, but went across the street to pick him up a meal.  When we drove back, I got out and gave it to him, and he said "thank you for being the hands of Jesus" which I thought was very nice.  I was feeling pretty good when I got in the car until we drove past him again and turned onto the main road and Savannah asked "Who was that".

I don't know, someone who has fallen on some hard times.

"But Momma, who WAS that?"

Sweetheart, he's just somebody who needed a lunch today

"He's NOT just somebody, what's his NAME? He has a name, he's not just somebody!"

Now, I know that this was just the fixation of a 2 year old.  I do.  But at the same time, how right was she.  I could have filled way more than a need for a meal if I'd taken two more seconds to take an interest.  Smackdown accomplished, thanks Savannah.