Sunday, November 11, 2012

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 12

Week 12 History Sentence: Tell Me About the Muslim Empire 

1.    Print memory work slide (see file).
2.    Practice song with hand motions (see file).
3.    Parent reviews “history highlights” (see file) for background.
4.    Glance through “Muslim Empire Activities (see file) for activities your children would find interesting; note especially the activity with food coloring-in-water and the ability to connect it with the geography map, below. 

Hand Motions W12:     Tell me about the Muslim Empire

Muslim    use two hands to make a dome over your head (like a mosque)
Muhammad sign language “M”
worshipped  bow down
Ottoman  sign language “O”
expanded hands together, palms touching.  Spread out as in expanding
weakness    make your whole body wither as if growing weak
westernization make sign language “w” with both hands.  “Do the twist” with hands holding out “w”s in time to the music

1.    Print geography slide (see file).
2.    Use graphic in following link ( with above-mentioned activity in history. (Coloring in water, spread of Islam.)

Week 12 Math: Teaspoons and Tablespoons 

1.    Post visual teaspoon/tablespoon chart (see file).
2.    Consider this song: “Totally 3rd grade” liquid conversion song,
3.    Have fun playing with actual conversions (tablespoons, teaspoons, etc.)

Name _____________________________

Date ___________________

Prepositions:Weeks 7-12
W A A T D U N D E R S U D S I A 
R M E W Q I G R K C I I L E T E 
J E I I H J N O N T O N I B K S 
O S N T J X L E U E O A K S B E 
N L I F S K F O N C G W E R R H 
N W P N E A H O D O F F A I M N 
T U A K S G O P E Q P E M R R Q 
G O S R U I O N R H N T T P D T 
I N T O P T D V N S G D S D F G 
Y I R U O H Q E E A H W I S O A 
P H R T N R E G A R D I N G T L 
T O E S Z O Z I T L E T C E I T 
A Y E I P U F T H L T H E T M G 
E R I D U G E A L Z V O N B A W 
D J B E O H H P E T E U S N I T 
Find the following hidden PREPOSITIONS:
Week 7: in, inside, into, like, near,
Week 8: of, off, on, onto, out,
Week 9: outside, over, past, regarding, since,
Week 10:through, throughout, to, toward,
Week 11: under, underneath, until, up, upon,
Week 12: with, within, without,

1.    Post science memory work (see file) as well as plant diagram/photosynthesis slide (see file).
2.    Consider adding hand motions (see file).
3.    Parent reviews “science snippets” info (see file).
4.    Read chapter containing info about photosynthesis (see file) by, mostly to be able to do fun activity related to photosynthesis (see file).
5.    Read “classifying animals/plants” files—two for the student, two for the parent (see file).

Week 12 – What are the plant systems?
Hand motions:       
Photosynthesis – hands reaching toward sun and pulling it in
Respiration – hands by your lungs squeezing/kneading motion
Transpiration – hands pushing down and out toward feet