Friday, August 23, 2013

Cycle 2- What We're Using

This year, I have changed our format DRASTICALLY.  After having to leave my mom with a laundry basket of books and a wish for "good luck", I knew this year I wanted more structure.  Previously, I've spent lots of time building out from the Classical Conversations memory work to create a well-rounded program.  This year, since I never know how I'll be from one day to the next, we spent a little more money and exchanged it for my time.

(For the record, my kids were still well over 90th percentile in their standardized testing, so the "good luck" approach seemed to work just fine, but I didn't want to risk that again!)

Here's what we purchased:
History/Bible/Geography (it all comes in one convenient package!) 
Sonlight Core B+C
Sonlight Core B=C 2nd Grade Readers
Sonlight Core B+C Kindergarten Readers
(Already have Story of the World on CD for listening/Story of the World Workbooks for supplementary activities for Riley)

Singapore Math Kindergarten B/Singapore Math 1A
Singapore Math 2A and 2B
(Riley is still finishing up his math, he got a little behind in his workbooks when he focused on multiplication and division speed, but we'll get him into 4A asap, and he's still matching up on his VA SOLs for math as "on grade level" so we're okay)

Language Arts (Reading/Writing/Spelling)
Sonlight Grade 2
Sonlight K (will still use Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons)
The Essentials Program (holy heck is this program both good and INTENSE!)

Handwriting Without Tears K, 2, and Cursive 1

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing for Kids
Austin is going to be teaching the boys computing one evening a week as his class (how fun!)
Savannah will work on for her computer time

This is the one portion that I didn't buy a prepared curriculum for.  We're doing some biology, some astronomy, and some physics in CC, and the kids really like to work along with the memory work here, so I'll still put science together.

Classical Conversations (Memory Program)
Cycle 2 Science Cards
Cycle 2 CD
Cycle 2 flash cards
CC Connected (monthly subscription- the boys like reviewing their memory work this way!)
Trivium Tables for Geography (I find having these makes geography go faster for my little ones)
(Already had the guide, timeline cards)

Checking In

Over the last week and a half, I had my 6 month (!!) MRIs and check up appointments with my oncologist, neurosurgeon, and radiation oncologist.  I don't know if people typically follow up with so many doctors or if I'm just an interesting case so they all want to follow up.  The CERN Foundation posted a picture of "adult ependymomas" the other day, but since I'm an adult with a pediatric presentation, I'm even more weird ;)

My brain appears to have completely healed from where the drain was, and the hydrocephalus is completely gone.  I have no signs of tumor regrowth, although there are some "focii" on my brain stem from the surgery/radiation.  All in all, really really great news.  My next appointments and MRI will be in November, and I am already looking forward to being put on the twice a year/once a year schedule rather than the quarterly schedule I'm on now! MRIs don't bother me, but I'm sick and tired of them!

I'm still incredibly thankful for the many blessings God has given our family during this process.  From Austin's job (love that health insurance!) being so flexible to the amazing and skilled doctors we had access to to all the people who have cared for us to the fact that I am functional, it's been amazing.