Friday, November 20, 2009

Family Fitness Night and Indian Powwow

We had a great time at Family Fitness night!! They had some great stations including one that showed you how many teaspoons of sugar (or in some cases, tablespoons!) were in some common drinks. The kids totally ratted Papa out to the nutritionist about his occasional Big Gulps! We also got to try yoga for kids- which Logan actually really loved!

Even Savannah gave it the old college try at the challenge stations where you did things like situps or pushups or jumprope to earn stamps. All the kids also got to try a fruit smoothie and sign a drug free pledge. The PTA did a really awesome job with this event!

Meanwhile at Logan's school there was an Indian PowWow! Since we have the costume already made, Logan went (albeit reluctantly) in costume, which was also perfect since it was Brown Day and he doesn't have very many brown clothes!! I think he looks adorable! His favorite part was the popcorn snack :)

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