Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Past Few Days

We had a whole mess of excitement around here from Friday to today. Riley's school had their first performance (the first was supposed to be a "Winter Holiday of Choice" concert, which was canceled due to snow). This time they chose the theme "Famous Americans" and it was quite possibly the most adorable thing EVER. The only other time my kids have been in something it was the Christmas Pageant at DRUMC, and because I was "directing" that hot mess, I didn't actually get to enjoy their presence, nor do I actually remember much about it at all except that I felt like I might drop dead after.

So- back to the point. Riley's class said a few words about Pocahontas, and also featured songs about George Washington, Betsy Ross, and Martin Luther King, Jr. You can see a brief video here:
Pocahontas Song

This week was apparently date week- Austin took the boys to 5 Guys and Frozen Custard after their swimming (which he also got to take them to!) on Wednesday, and I took Savannah out to the playplace at the McDonald's near us. This weekend, we swapped and Austin took Savannah on her first official Daddy Date for Thai Food and I took the boys out with our friends and then back to their house for a movie night. Austin and Savannah joined us later- and Savannah did an awesome job of sleeping in Kailey's bed! The boys and their friends were up, however, until around 11pm by the time we got home!!

Saturday we had a 1st Birthday to attend, and I always love how sweet those are. My friend Rebecca did an awesome job decorating for her little guy's big day! After that I got a MNO and the munchkins got to spend the night at grandma's! They managed to wrangle extra cupcakes out of Mrs. Rebecca and were very excited to show up at Grammy's house with cupcakes and goody bags in tow! The party had an added bonus for me in that I met another very nice Christian Momma with a little girl Savannah's age. It was ironic (don't ya think) because we were talking about churches and she was on the committee that interviewed me at the church I should have taken a job at. When I left DRUMC I had two offers and felt lead to take one, but took the one that paid more. Biggest mistake EVER, and God is still finding these little ways to remind me that his ways are the best and I should yield my will to him when he has a preference. Noted.

Unfortunately, I just got a phone call that Logan officially has the stomach bug that's going around, which makes me feel terrible because it's never nice to be sick without your momma to snuggle on!! I hope that by the time they get back here he'll be feeling better- I am supposed to go try a microdermabrasion treatment at the spa and my skin has been such a mess the last few days with the pollen coming out, but if he's not feeling better I'll definitely skip it to "nuggle mama". (I love the little babyisms that Logan's kept!)

This week we have Savannah and Logan's St. Patty's Day Party, and I'm hoping to start crafting for that tonight. I have a big to do list around the house right now, though, and currently Austin is beating me in the crossing things off department!! (In all fairness, my first item was "renovate master bathroom" and his was "install doorknob"- but he's still winning!!)

I'm not sure who's reading this, but if you are, I hope that you have a great week and enjoy the Kindergarten Singing!!
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