Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In Which We Figure It Out

Our CC Materials (well, most of them since some were on backorder) arrived this week which meant we could start CC! I started on Tuesday morning since we got the stuff on Monday :)

So far, it's going awesome.  All of one day ;) Riley loves Story of the World, which I bought on CD so it reads to them and I can rest my voice! I need to find a used copy of the book, though, because he asked if there was one for him to follow along in, and I make a rule of not denying my children words!! The memory work seems really easy and fun for them, and Savannah plays along, too.

We're on Cycle 3 Week 1, and that's Columbus, 4 types of tissue, Latin Prepositions, definition of an infinitive, 5 states and capitals, tracing the US Map, and skip counting by 1s and 2s.  The Columbus song is stuck in my head on repeat a la "It's a Small World", but hey, I definitely know that Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin 1492 Columbus took the first of 4 trips to the Carribbean on 3 Spanish ships, the Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria.

Riley even memorized epithelial tissue.  I need to buy us a good kid's anatomy book- the resources I found online aren't cutting it for me.  Today at the library we'll pick up some reinforcements for the time being for history and science.  Our real math continues to plug along and Singapore materials should arrive on the 9th.

I drafted my NOI (Notice of Intent to Homeschool) letter and I'm a little frustrated by the process.  I went to PWC Schools so I don't see why I need to pay them to mail them a copy of my high school transcript- they should really just be able to look it up!! And, I don't see why I need to turn in a copy of Riley's records, because I feel like they should have those, too.  Oh well, I guess I should get good at jumping through hoops- it's not going to stop :)

I did writing samples with the boys for the beginning of the year so we'll have something for comparison in addition to their test scores and I'm in the process of finding someone to test their reading levels so that I can compare those, too.  Annnnnnnd.....well, and that's it.  It's going well, still, we've added in our real curriculum (mostly) and I'm still really excited.  Crazy.

Oh, and it probably didn't hurt that I supplemented our learning with a little blast from my past where memorizing the states and capitals are concerned....I believe in QUALITY educational materials people.  (Logan almost peed himself he thought this was so funny)
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