Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 3 Idea Swap

This week came from our community's director! She's very fun and makes our community such a joy.  She's always happy and compassionate, which I would not be if I had so many complaints and personalities to deal with! We're very blessed to have her!

Week 3 History Sentence: Greek and Roman Gods
Concentration / matching game to learn the Greek / Roman gods and goddesses
TO Make: Use the W3 Greek / Roman gods flashcards from Phillip Martin off Classical Conversations Community History cycle 1 week 3. I used the pictures from this set to make the concentration game. Make one copy of these flash cards.
Copy this file onto card stock if available. Cut 12 equal shaped pieces of construction paper. Mine were approx 3x3 inches. Cut the copies of the pictures below to fit. Place one picture on each piece of construction paper. The construction paper will be the back. All cards should be the same color. Laminate or cover with contact paper and cut out into 12 cards.
Laminate page 3 – the definitions of the gods and goddesses. Laminate and cut out into 6 headings.
Laminate or cover with contact paper the flash cards from the Phillip Martin file.
How to use:
Use Philip Martin’s flash cards to learn the definitions and the Greek and Roman names for the gods and goddesses.
Use the cards in this file to play concentration. Then once all the matches are made, place each match under / next to the definition title for that god or goddess. 
(Note: If you're not part of the CC Connected community, you could make your own flashcards using pictures of the Roman/Greek gods and goddesses from google images)

Week 3 Geography: Hebrew Empire
Jordan River Dead Sea Phoenicia
Sea of Galilee
Many of these places correspond with Bible Stories. It may be fun for your child to hear some of them at bedtime and connect their geography for the week with the life and times of Jesus.

Week 3 Math: Skip Counting 5’s and 6’s
In addition to the songs on your CC Resource DVD or Audio CD, sometimes it can help children who are visual to have something to look at and understand the concept a little more. 5’s are fairly easy, nickels, fingers, toes, or even $5 bills will work. For the 6’s there is an attached sheet.
Science: Some parts of an animal cell are the nucleus, cytoplasm, vacuole, mitochondria, cell membrane, and golgi bodies. 
Use the image with labels to introduce the material.  Allow children to complete the diagram with no labels.  Younger children may prefer to cut and paste, older children can write.  You may consider putting the unlabeled version in a plastic sleeve so children may practice without having to print several copies
Other resources:

Bill Nye the Science Guy Episode 17 “Cells”
Magic Tree House #16 “Hour of the Olympics”
Magic Tree House Fact Checker #10 Ancient Greece
Usborne Greek Myths for Children
How the Greeks Won the War: Step into Reading
The Illustrated Book of Myths: Tales and Legends of the World, Philip

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