Sunday, January 6, 2013

Week 13- Back To School

I absolutely loathe our CC break.  I think that next year, I'm going to invite people to come over each Thursday for review days.  I do CC for accountability and I'm never pleased with the way that our December goes without it. I should be able to self-regulate better, but I fall short (in this and so many other ways).

That being said, we're overjoyed to be back to our regular schedule this week! Yay CC!

Here's what I have for this week:

History: Tell me about the Kush
There's a site called "Mr. Don" that has information about the Kush including religion, exports, land type, etc.
We use Story of the World, so we'll be doing Chapter 12 (Middle Kingdom of Egypt) which goes along with the Usborne Book of World History (16-23), Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia 114-117, Kingisher Illustrated History 26/27, and Kingfisher Encyclopedia 10-11. I think that in addition to the review questions, narration, and map work, we're going to do the monkey doll and bracelets, and I'm going to try to find Rimonah of the Flashing Sword.

Science: What are some parts of the earth?
There's a Bill Nye Video for this week- Episode #2 "Earth's Crust"

Here's a site that talks about how we can know what's in the center of the Earth since we're unable to physically study that far down.
Teaching in Flip Flops has a fun idea for the Core/Mantle/Crust.  Most of the sites I'm finding use inner core/outer core, and while that's not in the CC approved response, we're going to learn it that way.  I'm becoming increasingly disappointed with some of the CC responses, especially in science, because they leave out a portion that is considered vital in our state's SOLs, which I always keep an eye on.
Loving this site- a brief explanation of each portion of the inner/outer core, crust, mantle, including a worksheet with answer key.
Here's a great resource by grade level.  The material we should be covering is Grade 4, but you could certainly benefit by using all of the resources! There's an online reading and questions for older children that I'll have my 9 year old do here. We're going to take some time to learn landforms throughout the next few weeks of science, too.
We'll also be making a play-doh model of the layers of the earth.  I think that we'll use toothpicks with strips of paper to label the layers.

English Grammar: Helping Verbs
I'm working on making sentences that will work with each week of helping verbs.  I was inspired by a sentence sort on Teachers Pay Teachers where there were "waves" made of sentences and 3 boats with helping verbs on them that filled in the blanks in the sentences.  I'm going to make the same concept into a file folder game and will add more verbs each week and laminate it when we're done.
Here's a worksheet:

Latin: Noun Cases 
With my abecedarians, I want to have a "project" for us to use as our review for Latin.  I found cookie sheets at the dollar store, and I'm going to put magnets on the back of their words or endings each week.  After the first week of review (since we do 2 weeks of the same material) we'll glue down the Nominative/Genitive/Dative/Accusative/Ablative along with ribbons to make a "chart" for them to put their magnets in each week.  I'll put up a picture next week (assuming this works!)
Math- Liquid Equivalents
Well, if you're talking about pints, quarts, and gallons, you're obviously talking about ice cream, right? I think a field trip to the grocery store freezer section is in order.  Beyond that, we'll use a pitcher to "prove" the math equivalents by making kook-aid.  I think I'm going to do that with my CC class, too, and plan it for right before snack time.

Science: Van Cleave 121/124
Art: Giotto
Our CC campus is doing egg yolk and chalk painting, which a large amount of God's grace.  One of my wonderful class moms is going to sketch out a paintable object so the kids aren't tempted to spend 20 minutes drawing something too small to paint.

Hope you have a great week!!

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