Saturday, July 13, 2013

New CC Group

We're very fortunate in our area because homeschooling is growing, and so is CC! Our area was recently assigned a new community, and while it is very hard to say goodbye to our current community, because I'm still not driving and tire easily, it will be a great advantage to us to be part of a group that's not across town.  In our area, across town can easily mean an hour round trip. 

On Thursday night we were able to go and meet the new director, who is quite lovely.  I'm so excited to work with her over the next year or two, as she's military, so you never know when these wonderful people will be assigned out of your lives!

Going to the meeting on Thursday was a little strange for me because this was the first group of people I've been around who will only know me as an "after".  Our current CC group, for example, knew me before I was sick and loved me while I was in treatment.  They know the Kristina that still exists in my head, who loves to organize and coordinate and plan fun events.  They know Cycle 1 Planbook Kristina and Field Trip Kristina and Tutor Kristina.  Kristina who says "Yes" to everything.

Also, Kristina with hair.

This new group of people will only know post-tumor Kristina.  Kristina who gets tired and needs help and "can't tutor this year because I'm not sure if I'm up to it".  Kristina who says "no" a lot. I kind of hate this Kristina. 

I know that this Kristina is temporary, but it's weird to put myself in a group where I'm just an after.  Hopefully as the time passes, I'll get back to my old self- it's just on my mind.  I know first impressions are important.  There was also a friend of mine who came to the meeting to support a friend who is new to CC, and she asked me after how I tell people, which I had to admit, I didn't really know.  I've never spent time "introducing" my status to people before.  Usually they either know me and are aware of what's been going on with my brain, or they're strangers and don't ask.

Just more new experiences, I suppose!

Anyhow, the main point is that we're excited about our new community, but will miss our old one, too. 
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