Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In Which We Start Bow-way


I was so excited this morning to take Savannah to her first Ballet class!! I have been waiting to buy her leotards and ballet slippers since the day we had her ultrasound!  She's so much fun because she loves being a tough guy with her brothers most of the time- but will just as quickly switch gears for a tea party or to give her baby a bottle.

You aren't allowed to watch the class, which is hard, but since I used to teach figure skating to little ones I totally understand :)

Logan was especially cute this morning- he was so excited to "see his princess sister go to bow-way for the first time!" He was just so proud of her, and it was adorable!!

Totally made my day! My favorite part of being a mommy is seeing my children love on each other.  I hope they keep that up forever!
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