Thursday, May 26, 2011

In Which We Howl at the Moon

Riley has absolutely adored cub scouts this year.  It's right up his alley- a dash of everything and lots of crafts and field trips thrown in.  When our original baseball coach moved practice so that it would overlap with scouts, I was amazed that Riley had the dedication to say that he'd rather switch teams than skip scouts- especially since he committed to scouting first.  Love that kid.  This week he got to move up from Tiger Scouts to Wolf Scouts.  (Hence the howling).  This momentous occasion was marked with a new handkerchief.  Yellow, this time, instead of orange.  It's my favorite one because it matches :)
 Riley has a lot of fantastic kids in his den.  It's a really fun (and HIGH ENERGY!!!) group of boys and I think they've had a really great introduction to scouting thanks to their leaders!!
Against my better judgement, here's me and my boy.  This year I have not been good to myself and I've gained 15 pounds from stress eating that I really didn't need to gain since I was already quite fat enough, thank you very much.  Hopefully this summer I can take better care of myself and my family since PTA will be done and I won't be shoving wine and brownies down my face every time I have to open another nasty email....hopefully.
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