Monday, March 26, 2012

Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Week 24

What the what? We're DONE with our first year of CC after this week??


We've been tremendously blessed this year.  I'm not going to lie, homeschooling was an adjustment- but it wasn't a bad one! The boys have done fantastic and their reading and math skills have blossomed like crazy! I'm so proud of the hard work they've done and how well they've transititioned.  I'm also thankful for our friends (both PS and HS) who have been supportive and kind in having playdates and keeping us all sane!

This week:

History: The Bill of Rights 
Our book we started last week is going really well! I've had a private laugh about the comparison of my K's writing next to my 2nd grader's writing....but that's irrelevant.  The book is serving as our copy work.  First they did the preamble, taking turns with phrase copying and illustration, and now we'll finish it this week with the Bill of Rights doing the same.  They've worked very hard, so I'm planning to laminate and bind their work for them :) It's a big deal to get something you did laminated. We're also reading a biography of George Mason, who demanded the Bill of Rights.

I  love  you  mom  from  riley.
(I left my computer and had a visitor, I'm not deleting that!)

Science: What is Good Science
I think if we weren't already doing George Mason, I'd throw in a scientist here to study, but since we are, I'm just going to cover a few short scientist biographies from What Your Kindergartner and What Your Second Grader Need to Know.  I hear there are workbooks for these!! Those sound fun! Since I'm using the 1980s editions from when I was little, maybe an upgrade is in order first....

English: Sentence Patterns
Let me be honest here.  We're gonna try to memorize these.  We're going to write some sentences with each one.  CC English has killed me this year, and I'm pretty sick of the crazy ones....this week's seems crazy.  If I come up with some genius thing, I'll let you know :)

Latin: John 1:7: ut omnes crederent per illum. 
We will be finishing our Latin Lapbooks this week, which is exciting! Next year I'll definitely start these sooner!

We'll be finishing up our presidents song, too.  And, our presidents lap book.  All this finishing! I should write a checklist just so I can cross things off!

Geography: More Prominent Features
Over the summer, I'm hoping to do a salt dough or rice crispy model of the US with the kids and really reinforce the Geography.  We kind of lost it a little after we finished the states and capitols as far as really driving home the map locations, not just memorizing.

Math: Identity Laws of Addition and Subtraction
We're going to use the M&Ms again.  5 M&Ms plus 0 is 5, and 1 group of 5 M&Ms (in a muffin tin, my favorite multiplication math manipulative!) is 5.

I think that's it.  We'll listen to some Stravinsky, maybe throw in a Bill Nye just because we can, and then the next few weeks will be memory work review and preparation for our standardized testing! I think I'm going to do the CAT test this year for both boys because they've never had one before, and maybe do the Stanford with Riley, and then for next year do Stanford for both.  Not sure, though.

I'm already working on my lesson planning for next year.  I want to have everything ready to go by the end of summer so that I'm not ever scrambling to lesson plan.  We're also planning to implement a work box system for next year.  My friend Sherri, who is the homeschooler I want to be when I grow up, taught me about them, and they sound like a perfect answer to my organization issues.  Our notebooks have worked well, but I feel like I don't mix in enough "fun" activities that are also educational because they don't fit in the notebooks.

This week's lesson plan stinks.  I apologize for that. I think I'm just excited to wrap up our CC year!

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