Friday, March 16, 2012

In Which We Play Hockey


Hockey involves getting up wicked early for practices and games, and being cold.  However, hockey has made Logan so much more self-assured, and it is worth every lost moment of sleep :)

Last weekend we were able to travel (Logan, grammy, papa, and I) to Pennsylvania for Logan's first ever hockey tournament!!  He had such a blast getting alone time, and getting to play hockey!

 Driving up to PA, Logan colored almost the entire way!  I brought a read-aloud for him, too, but he was much more interested in coloring and chatting to a captive audience with no siblings to interrupt.

 Having fun in the hotel with our friends, our PW Panthers did their trophies and the boys had a fantastic time swimming in the pool together.  Logan was so proud of the fact that he could swim faster than most of his friends (way to go private swim lessons!) and had fun with some dive sticks grandma bought.

 This is at breakfast in our hotel.  They apparently had a disconnect between their brains and their service, because despite the fact that an entire hockey club was coming, they were out of almost everything at their breakfast (because the "truck don't come 'till Monday") and pool towels were being traded on the black market.  Logan was happy anyway, because he got to have hot chocolate and a pastry for breakfast instead of anything remotely healthy.
Playing with Grammy and Papa at a little diner next to the hotel (we learned our breakfast lesson quickly!).  We actually visited PA this summer for vacation and everywhere we ate was horrendous, so we've decided that from now on, we will not eat in Pennsylvania.  

Logan's team got medals!! They came in 3rd place out of the mini mite teams!! (There were 3 mini mite teams.  This was convenient) 
 Logan being Momma's boy.  He actually went and sat with some friends for about 10 minutes (this is huge for his introverted personality) but then he came back because they were being too loud.
Eating a cantaloupe. He was rather disappointed that he didn't get the whole thing.  "Just a HALF mom??"

The games at the tournament were great for Logan.  They were only 30 minutes (although we played several each day) and fast-paced.  He really started to get aggressive and go after the puck by day 2, and he left feeling really great about playing.  He's super bummed that he has to take a week off, but then spring hockey starts again!
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