Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Starts

 The kids have been a little bit of trouble over the last few days because they know their public school friends stopped going to classes, so being "forced" under "extreme duress" to continue to do their core work and some fun summer modules (mostly Astronomy- who doesn't love Astronomy??) is like pulling teeth.  However, from me being sick, we're behind where I want them to be, even though we're not "behind" at all, and so they're going to have to suck it up, buttercup.  Savannah, my big girl Kindergartner, however, is happy to do any work at all, anytime, without whining or complaining.  Especially when Grammy, who's still head teacher, is giving out lollipops :)
 Summer also means the beginning of swim team.  That means Saturdays start early and are spent outside hanging out between events.  The kids seem to have fun, and I love that they're in the pool every day.  I walked over to the meet on Saturday- 6am-12pm is too long for me still, but I got to watch the relays at the end, and I loved this picture of Logan and Savannah hanging out when I arrived.  I think Riley was still in clerk of course from butterfly or breast.  Logan and Savannah are a funny little duo.  Logan is actually a very wonderful big brother, protective, loving, and willing to include Savannah.  He's not, however, interested in competing with Riley for Savannah's attention, so he will actually ignore her or seem a little aloof when Riley is around and trying to get Savannah to like him better.  I enjoy seeing just the two of them because they are very sweet together.

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