Friday, June 21, 2013

This Week and Next Year

This week has been both good and bad- the steroids that the doctors at Duke put me on have made my head feel so much clearer and given me a great deal of energy, but they're also giving me joint pain and making it hard to sleep.  Today is my last daily dose and then I switch to every-other-day for two weeks, so I'm hoping that will cut back on some of the less desirable side effects.

Having less pain and more energy is nice, though! Yesterday evening I got to go out for a little bit with Savannah Lynn and my momma, which was just such a beautiful thing.  We stopped by a grand opening of a local store that had invited me out (I have another blog that people actually read, so sometimes I get to go to cool things!) and that was so neat because we got gift certificates for the salon we use in our swag bags!  My mom has been here helping out with the kids since the end of her classes in December, so she's not working and I know that's meant a lot of financial sacrifice on her part, so it was exciting that she gets a treat! If I had a million dollars it would not be enough to compensate her for all the work she's done with the kids, but I'd be happy to write that check!  After that, we ran over to Children's Place to pick up some essentials for Savannah for skating camp.  The boys are doing Cub Scout Camp one week this summer and Savannah is going to do one week of skating camp.  Children's Place is always having a sale, and they had thin-weight yoga pants, perfect for on and off the ice.  Plus, they have Savannah's favorite underclothes, and that girl is PICKY about undergarments!  I was done walking then, but we sat outside at Cheesecake Factory and shared some food.  It was a lovely evening to begin with, but the manager put the heat lamps on, and it was beautiful.

Sometimes I find myself waxing nostalgic after all of this.  How lucky am I that I can sit and feel the wind blowing in my face and watch my daughter smile at me from across the table? How very blessed to be here breathing.  Amazing.  If I've learned anything this year, it is to be thankful daily because the future is so uncertain!

Speaking of uncertain, we got an email today that Classical Conversations is opening a campus in our actual neighborhood instead of across town.  We already have two CC campuses in driving distance, but the one we belong to requires a 30 minute cross-town drive each Thursday, not to mention that most of the social events take place on that side of town, too.

I'm not sure how many families will switch, what building will house us, and the director is moving here from out of state, so I don't know what she'll be like.  I know that it will be nice to be closer to home, especially since I'm still not driving and am wary about it, but I also know that I already pulled Riley out of public school and asked him to adjust to CC, and I have guilt about pulling him to a new community.  I know that our friends from the other community will still be available, but I also know it makes it harder, and I don't know how many kids I'll be offering him in our new setting.  I also don't have a particularly high opinion of the way the communities function together- something I wish that was more collaborative than separatist, I suppose, but I'm sure the directors have their reasons for keeping very firm lines in the sand.

Anyway, so there's lots to think about now, and more uncertainty.  Just when you're sitting at dinner thinking you've got it all figured out....
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