Saturday, February 20, 2010

Christmas in February

Christmas was wicked fun :) We started off with a trip to the Christmas Tree farm where we picked up this gigantic beauty :) It took up basically our entire living room, which I think is pretty fantastic :) I love Christmas, even though it's so much more work as the mommy!! Plus there was the extra difficulty this year of hiding the kids' super-secret present!!

The Christmas Tree Farm we went to was the best one by far! They had bunnies to pet and lots of space to hike and a trail back to the old cabin that the farmer and his wife lived in!! Since bunnies are Logan's favorite thing on earth, Logan was in 7th Heaven! He was so cute holding the little tiny babies! Riley's favorite part was running around in all that open space- he's constantly making me feel guilty about the fact that we don't have a big backyard for him. One day, though, we will :) We really didn't have enough ornaments for the size tree that we bought, so one of my favorite things this Christmas was watching the kids add whatever they could find that was hang-able. Candy, toys, refrigerator magnets- they all made their way up to the tree upstairs. Also awesome this year was getting to go to Logan's first Christmas performance!! Yay for preschool! He did a great job singing "There were 10 Little Angels" and looked adorable in his halo. Logan is such a sweet and loving little boy who is so full of joy and watching him is great fun for all of us :) (Also, as you see from the first picture, we went in for the Pageant of Peace and the National Christmas Tree, too!)

Then of course, there were the visits to Santa...always fun! Savannah did really well and was excited to see the big man, and Logan was excited, too, to ask for a pirate dog and a sword. Riley had a list a mile long, which was cute, too! Little did Logan know, though, that the surprise we had to work so hard to keep a secret was the dog that he and Riley had been begging for FOREVER!! I never thought I'd talk Austin into it, but I finally did. It only took 7 years :) His name is Luck and he's pretty freaking adorable.

So, we obviously had a few snow days. (11, actually, between December and February) We finished up 2009 by celebrating the New Year with Riley and Logan's friends Kailey and Heather and my family. We had been hoping for more people, but the snow-that-never-came kept most people inside :) We had a blast, though!

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