Monday, February 22, 2010

Fantastic February (Look, I'm caught up!!)

So, more fun in February!! First, we had Savannah Lynn's 2nd Birthday!! Her Ema Anne (which is actually Hebrew for mother, but whatevs, it works) was able to join us because their most recent litter of puppies ended up not being there after all!! For Savannah's home party my momma and I did a ballerina bear cake:
Which is sideways, but I don't know how to fix it!! Sorry!! The picture of Savannah at the top is of her in the birthday dress that my mom made for her on her super-cool new sewing machine!! Mine is broken right now because some little helpers knocked it off its TV tray and the thread holder snapped off. It's a fairly easy fix, I just haven't done it yet- not that my skills are anywhere as good as my mom's!! Savannah was so cute because after opening her first present (a doll and a "mommy set" with a stroller and diaper bag and bouncer seat) from my parents, she politely refused everything that everyone else gave her!! I think that my brother was truly heartbroken, but everyone else seemed to take it in stride. Our present to her was a big girl bed, which she's done fairly well in so far- although the missing baby gate across her door has certainly allowed her to get into mommy and daddy's room with much less fuss!! She been doing great with potty training, too, and has been speaking more and more, which is such a relief after two early-talking boys!! Savannah still "clicks" her K's (we call her a bush baby) and says H instead of P and a few other standard things (like W instead of L) but it's fun to listen to her begin to express what she's thinking more and more!!

For her "big party" we had a joint 2nd Birthday at Gymboree with Savannah's friend Shane, who also has 2 big sisters the same ages as Savannah's 2 big brothers! We had a really great time with all our friends and the kids all seemed to enjoy the "farm fun" theme!!

I still can't believe my baby girl is 2! She is so much fun to play with- we really enjoy our teaparties and dress up while the boys are at school!! Savannah is definitely all about being a princess and loves all things pink and purple and glittery and does such a great job playing mommy. She's an awesome swimmer and constantly showing up the older kids in her class (which she gets from Daddy!) and also loves to dance to the music and run around after her brothers. She is definitely outgoing but also loves to spend time alone and will "Wead" books to herself quietly for a good 10 minutes, which I think is pretty impressive for such a little girl! She loves to color and even enjoys a good shopping trip with mom! It's so great to have a girl- even though I love my boys!!

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