Saturday, February 20, 2010

Riley's 6th Birthday (of Doom!)

Riley is such a fun kid- and he is wicked popular, which I never was. I was only popular when the popular kids needed help with their homework. I actually think that's still true, but Riley, on the other hand, is a people person. So, in order to fit EVERYONE!! into one place, we had his party at Kids in Motion, which we've done a few times now. Riley also wanted to have a Volcano Cake Of Doom- so that was an adventure in dry ice and fantasticness.

The cake was a huge hit- I baked it in the mold for a princess (top) and an angel food cake pan (bottom) and then carved an opening for a tall plastic cup which I filled with red jello and hot water. When we added the dry ice, it totally erupted, which was awesome and all the kids loved it. It's so hard to believe that Riley is SIX!!! He's so big and independent, and a great helper and big brother. And, we're really proud of him.
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