Sunday, February 6, 2011

In Which We Race Cars.....Fast :)

Riley is in Cub Scouts (!!!) this year.  He's been waiting to do Cub Scouts (!!!!) since last year when his girl friends were able to begin Daisies for Girl Scouts.

Life, it seems, is just terribly unfair. :)

We're so blessed this year because Riley has an awesome group of leaders for his Den/Pack/Other Boy Scouting Terms Mommy Has Yet to Master. He's also super lucky to have Papa going with him to meetings (because Mommy is a girl and therefore uncool to bring to Scouts, and Daddy hates Boy Scouting, don't ask me why)  Riley and Papa worked for quite a few days designing and building Riley's Pinewood Derby Car, and the results were quite impressive!!

Riley at Papa at the Pinewood Derby.  Riley was super cute telling Papa "I couldn't have done it without you!!"

Riley came in 3rd for Tigers and 10th overall out of all the Scouts competing!! He also got a "Most Awesome" award (I have no clue what that is!) and a Bronze Medal.  As we all know, pieces of flare are awesome.  :) My grandfather passed away when I was 2- and I'm so glad that my kids get to spend time with their grandpa!!
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