Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In Which My Sweet Baby Turns 5

We have 3 children.  Of those, we successfully planned to conceive one.  Riley was a massive surprise, Savannah came out of nowhere, but Logan- Logan was the one we ordered :) (Disclaimer: We love all 3 of our children dearly)

 Logan is such a sweet little boy.  He's content with a show and a snack any day of the week.  He doesn't need other people's approval to be happy- in fact, I have to laugh when we're around other kids because he's going to play what he wants and if you want to join him, that's cool, but if not, that's cool, too.  The picture above is Logan on his last day of being 4.  It was his "Mama Day" where he gets me all to himself every Tuesday.  He always wants to spend it the same way, snuggling on the couch in our jammies watching Ice Age 3 and eating Nutella.  Well, the Nutella isn't always the snack of choice, but you get the idea.  The boy is happy with simple things and I love that about him :)
When Logan grows up he wants to be a bunnyninjachef (so hence the bunny ninja drawn hastily on his ice cream cake.  I'd already made 3 cakes this week so I was super happy he wanted an ice cream cake but didn't realize until the last minute he also wanted it decorated.  Yay for leftover frosting!!) 
Logan is sensitive and kind, and a quietly fierce competitor.  He is so proud right now that he can read small sentences and likes to rub it in his brother's face share his new skills with other members of our family because it is coming so easily for him.  He is an awesome kid and we're so lucky to have him
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