Sunday, April 10, 2011

In Which We Go to the Circus

Austin likes to make fun of me for the amount of my "free" time (read: between 1-2 in the afternoon if I'm lucky and from 1-3am) I spend on my website and facebook group.

He has to stop now :)

I've been working on a website for about a year now, maybe a year and a half and hadn't really taken it very seriously, although once I'm done with PTA I have an actual business plan for it.  It's been really fun because I get to interact with other moms and meet lots of fun people, and I've gotten a few fun free things for our family.  (All of my "featured" businesses have given me a sample product to try.  It's been great so far because they've all been good- I'm nervous about the first time I have to say I didn't like something!!)  My website has enabled us to go to plays, Smuckers Stars on Ice, Madame Tussauds, and more. We've gotten free books, a bracelet for me that was awesome, and passes to kids in motion.  It doesn't really make up in any way shape or form for me not working, but it tosses in some fun extras for our family.

The circus, though, was amazing.
We actually got invited to go to the media party.  There was food and stuff for the kids, they got to meet the ringmaster, acrobats and dancers, and, there were also clowns.  True story, I suffer hardcore from Coulrophobia. The world would be a better place without clowns.  The kids, however, seemed to love them.

This was such a fun experience.  I loved seeing how excited the kids got, and I had fun meeting some awesome moms who are way better at what I do than I am :)  And really, at the end of the day, that's what it's all about- being able to give my kids awesome meeting the circus cast.

The circus itself was awesome, too. It was absolutely nothing like the "3 Ring Circus" that I remember.  It was way more artsy and there was a story.  The focus was way more on performance artists and less on animals, which is fine with me.  Riley was so thrilled with the motorcycle acts, too.  There was one with 9 of them in a giant metal ball and another that rode up a tightrope.  Logan seemed to like the acrobats the best.  He got a little sleepy part of the way through (so I had them out until 10pm on a school night.....add it to my mother of the year application) but I was impressed with how well he did!!

It was a super fun date night with our boys- and I really loved every minute!! (Next time I'll take the real camera and not just the cell phone, though!!)
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