Monday, April 11, 2011

In Which We Hang With Our Buddies!!

On Friday, Savannah and I attended a Mommy and Me Yoga Class at a new yoga studio in Occoquan.  My friend Jeni and her little girl Abigail were there, and while Abigail was actually attempting the poses, Savannah was quite happy laying on the mat and laughing at me :)  It was cute.

After that, we had our friends Mia, Katalina, and Isabella over for a little while while their mommy went to the doctor.  Mia and Savannah are "best friends"
and Kat seems to have quite the thing for my Logan.  It's not that I can blame her, he's pretty cute.  The two of them played "house" for awhile with baby Bella.  I managed to snap a family picture:

 We've been watching our friend John David every other weekend while his mom works, which has been such a treat for Riley.  This weekend we got to have his sister join us, too, and Savannah was on cloud 9. 

We started our weekend off at a fundraiser for Rich Anderson who is a local politician that Riley just loves to death.  John David and Riley were pretty happy for all of 10 minutes while they got to nosh on a huge pile of bacon and meet Sheriff Glen Hill who had on his "ACTUAL! SHINY! GOLD! BADGE!"  He seemed really tickled that the kids were so excited to meet him.  John David loves his DSi (I think that's what it is!) and before we got there he was actually playing a game where he was a sheriff- so I think that helped up the cool quotient.

The boys started getting bored before we even got to meet the governor, and being a huge believer that all politics is local (okay, and also that you should dance with the one that brung ya) we left early.  I can meet the governor some other time....or never...but that's okay!

We headed over to the Lowe's for their free build for kids they host every other Saturday.  It was actually really fun!  The boys got an apron to collect patches on and goggles to wear that are just like Bill Nye.  Oh how I love Bill Nye.
We took it easy the rest of the weekend with the kids playing together outside for a little while in the seemingly endless fog that has permeated northern Virginia for weeks.  Today, Monday, it was actually nice outside and the kids spend a good hour enjoying the sun after school and then had some homemade lemonade when we got home.

(Oh, and Savannah got to try on her recital outfit.  I'll leave you with the cuteness!)
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