Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CC Week 16 and 17: Math Dinner

One of the things I've been trying to work on is doing more "fun" stuff.  Since we're not what I call "called" homeschoolers- poeple who homeschool for purely religious reasons- I focus a lot on shoving academics into my kids' heads and tend to not make things as fun as I have time to since we homeschool. (PS- Don't get me wrong, we love Jesus, it's just that he wasn't optional no matter what type of school they went to!)  I'm also absolutely horrific at making sure we do crafts, but that's a note for another day.  For CC Cycle 3 Week 16 and Week 17, our math was about circle formulas. 
 When I went to pick Savannah up at preschool one day during Week 16, I stopped at the Bloom because Austin was working from home so I had a few moments to run in and grab things.  It ended up being a massive (and odd) shopping trip because the store was closing and everything was 75% off!! I've recently gotten to meet the very fabulous woman who writes and I feel like she would have been proud of this key lime pie that I got for $1.27! I don't usually buy pre-made baked goods, but it was so cheap!! And thus, an idea was born for a circle dinner.
 We used the ruler to measure diameter and then plugged in the appropriate numbers to solve for circumference.  We then divided by 5 (the number of people in our family) and made very even pie pieces by using a string to mark the appropriate number of centimeters for each family member's slice.
We marked each cut with a magic marker.  Our dinner included an odd mix of circular foods, and for all of them we calculated something and shared.  It was fun because it made the math "worthwhile" for them- equal sharing of foods mommy doesn't typically put out is a crucial life skill :)
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