Sunday, February 5, 2012

Classical Conversations, Cycle 3 Week 18

I have actually been blessed these past weeks to notice that Leigh Bortins' (CC author) "Train to Retain" mantra actually works.  The kids are doing a fantastic job shoving memory work in their brains and regurgitating it, but they're also remembering EVERYTHING supplemental we give them.  Win!

This week:

History: The Bombing of Pearl Harbor
I think that a field trip to Hawaii is the only possible way to fully appreciate the incredibly deep historical significance of this event.  Austin seems to disagree.  Sigh. I tried.
In lieu of that, we'll just check out the following:
* Video of the USS Arizona Memorial
* Interactive Map and Multimedia of Pearl Harbor
* Just for fun, this wordsearch is for Riley along with the alphabetical order vocabulary.  I'm printing the matching activity for both boys, and the coloring pages for all 3.  The Iwo Jima Memorial is right down the road from us adjacent the main gate to Quantico Marine Corps Base, so I think we'll just have to drive down after we read about it!
*We've got a few books on the library, but I want to highlight one because it's by a local author named Jamey Long, who Riley has been able to meet a few times.  

Latin: et lux in tenebris lucet
We'll continue working on our review lapbook.  The kids really enjoy it and it's been a great help! We're also going to try two games
*Game 1- we're going to write the words on index cards (one word per index card, one set of words per child in different colors) and then we're going to hide them in the basement and go on a flashlight search to find the words and put them in the correct order
*Game 2- less a game than an activity, but I have some glow sticks lying around that never got used, and we're going to spell out the memory portion with the glow sticks (good capital letter practice!)  We also have some color wonder glow paint, and we might have to do a little something with that, too!

English: The Subject
We've moved onto another part of a sentence? No more verbs?? But we just got good at those thanks to shake weights! Sigh.
*Riley's fantastic English Grammar workbook has several activities on identifying the subject although I did print out some backups from this site. has several worksheets to pick from, too, and I wish I'd seen them when we were doing verb tenses!
*We're going to play another game where I put several "subjects" into a bag and the kids pull one out without looking and then have to make a sentence.  It'll tie into handwriting! Multiaskting win!
*Continuing on our IEW work, I feel like All About Spelling is fantastic, but not progressing as fast as I need it to, so I'm introducing some spelling words from this website, which also has activities.

Science: F, Ne, Na, Mg
We're finishing up our coloring cards! Yay! Then I think we're going to do some various science experiments, but I haven't picked quite yet :)

Math: 1 foot equals 12 inches.
Whoopah :)

Geography: Rivers (west)
I've got a book on hold about the Great Salt Lake, and we'll of course trace away on our maps.

Instead of Davis, our community is doing Schultz, so we're going to read some Peanuts and do a little cartooning, too.  Maybe about rivers, who knows?

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