Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In Which Uncle Derrick and Miss Megan Visit!

Family Drama.  We haz it.

Well, we used to "haz it", but we gave it up for Lent 4 years ago and just decided not to pick it back up.  Anyway, our family drama is such that Austin hasn't been able to see his brothers, which is really sad for him, me, and the kids who absolutely adore super-cool 20 year olds.


Luckily, as Austin's brothers get older, we've been able to see them!! We got to see Uncle Brendan a few months ago while he was passing through on his way to India the first time:
(Side note: Austin now has more hair, thanks to a beard, and Brendan now has less hair as he's apparently shaved his head as part of the Devotee process.)

And this past weekend, Derrick and his girlfriend (who may actually be the sweetest thing on earth) Megan came to see us!  They were such incredibly good sports about having to schlep around to all of our kid-centered activities!!

On Friday night they made such great time they were here for the game night we hosted with a few other CC families
 It obviously didn't take Riley very long to realize that Uncle Derrick is AWESOME :) It also didn't take his friends James and Connor very long, either.  They were both all about being on Derrick's team.  For everything.
This is the most visible picture I took.  I REALLY need to be better about using an actual camera and not my iPhone.  We had 4 families (totaling 20 people!) and enjoyed the pizza and fellowship.  I was a little worried when Megan asked how we all knew each other and probably got a longer lesson on homeschooling than she really ever cared for, but, being the epitome of sweetness and light, she smiled and listened.
After everyone left, Logan wanted to read to Uncle Derrick, which surprised me! He's usually pretty shy about showing off his skillz, but he really wanted to show Uncle Derrick what he could do!

On Saturday, Megan and Derrick slept in while we went to swimming and hockey, and then we met up mid-day.  I had a few things to get done before Blue and Gold and also left for a little bit to go to my mom's tea.  Everyone had a great time hanging out, playing games, sticking on star stickers, and playing Rock Band, even if they did confirm that 99.9 percent of people with our last name by birth should refrain from singing :)

I don't think I got any pictures at the Blue and Gold- maybe Austin did- but again, Megan and Derrick were great sports.  Boy Scout functions are not the most fun in the world! Derrick did learn that he likes collards, though, so that's exciting!

After the Blue and Gold, we headed back to the house and my mom babysat the kiddos so that we could go out to a comedy club in DC.  It was Megan's first time, and she seemed to enjoy it! The club was called Riot Act and it was MUCH nicer than the DC Improv, but we've enjoyed our Improv comics!!

We saw the 10:30 pm show, and after the week we had with getting ready for guests, schooling, sickness, etc., I was TIRED.  Knowing that I was the DD, I took full advantage of my free DD sodas (note to anyone that doesn't know that trick, announce LOUD AND PROUD that you're the Designated Driver, because they'll typically hook you up with your $4 soda for free!) and coffee trying to stay awake.  After we left the club, we tried to look for a falafel place that was supposed to be over in the Ethiopian side of DC near District, but with the road torn up for repaving and us passing District about 10 minutes after last-call, it was too stressful for my non-city-driving self, so we gave up and went to drive past some monuments for Megan.  It was too cold for a walk, unfortunately, but maybe next time.

When I first met Derrick and Brendan, they were 13 and 10.  They immediately attacked Austin and me and wanted to wrestle, a tradition that has continued, apparently.  Oh, wait, did I mention that after the show there were $2 drafts? Yeah.  There were.

Unfortunately for Derrick, Austin can still take him.  Unfortunately for Austin, he got a bloody nose.  Unfortunately for everyone involved, I didn't have a video camera because it was HYSTERICAL.

Another fun thing that just worked out was that Megan's uncle had moved to Fairfax!  We were able to work out brunch at one of our favorite places, Pane E Vino since it was about equal distance for each of us.

Apparently, these two guys think they're cool.  The whole group seemed to have a great time, and Megan's uncle seemed very nice, too!! The kids had so much fun, we all did, and we're very thankful that Megan and Derrick were able to make the trip out.

Austin's still smiling ear to ear about getting to spend a little sibling time :)

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