Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beach Week 1

We are so fortunate to be able to use a beach house owned by the sister of a family friend.  It keeps our costs down substantially, and that means that this year we'll be able to do two weeks at the beach!  We're super excited!! Our first trip went really well and we enjoyed every minute.  My parents join us, too, which is fun, but I know I stress my mom out because I vacation so differently than her! I want to read (and did! I finished 13 of the books in the Jack Reacher series!) and relax and lay on the beach.  She really likes to go and do and see things.  I will get everything prepared and packed....the night before.  She likes to have a list, menu plan, and schedule already completed by January 1 of the year prior to the trip :) However, we have a great time, and it's really fun for the kids to have a plethora of adults around.  It generally means they can find a grown-up willing to do their bidding any time of day or night.  If Austin and I are exhausted, Grammy or Papa are generally ready to play, and vice versa.  

My sweet baby boys are so big! 
Evening Beach Walk
Ice Cream time! I don't know how Savannah eats that blue crud! 
This trip was especially fun because all the kids are so grown up now that they have likes and dislikes and things they love to do.  We had fun as a family, but we were also able to enjoy some time separately, whether it was the boys going surfing while the girls went shopping, or daddy taking Savannah for ice cream while Logan went shopping for treasures with Logan and Riley and mommy read a book.  It was such a nice balance.

Grammy and Savannah Lynn at lunch  
Lindsay, Savannah, Me, Riley, and Crazy photobomb Logan
 On our way home we were able to stop in North Carolina and meet up with my friend Lindsay.  Unfortunately, she didn't have her kids with her, with the exception of her super-cool step son, but we were sad not to get to meet her newest addition, Philip, who's the same age as Logan.  Her son Noah is 7 days younger than Savannah. It was so great to catch up with her!! Lindsay is one of those fantastic friends who I can just meet up with and pick up the conversation like we left it off yesterday, instead of a few months ago!! I hope the military moves them back to us!! (USMC, are you listening????)
I love this picture :) 

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