Sunday, August 26, 2012

Idea Swap: Cycle 1 Week 2

This week's Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 2 Lesson Plan Ideas from our community's lesson swap book comes from Musings of a Domestic Goddess, who isn't actually with us because she was sent away by the USMC.  Boo.

Cycle 1 Week 2
History Sentence: Tell Me About Commandments 6-10 Geography: Assyrian Empire
Math: Skip Counting 3’s and 4’s
English: First 5 Prepositions

Latin: Noun Cases Science: 5 Kingdoms

Week 2 History: Commandments 6-10 Practice writing the commandments as copywork
Have your children invent hand or body motions for the 10 commandments
Roll out salt dough and write the first word (or a key word) of each commandment (goes along with Assyrians)
Make a 10 Commandments Lapbook using the directions found on this blog:

Week 2 Geography: Assyrian Empire
A song made up to help remember the Assyrian Empire key geography
This link explains the Assyrians and includes their connection to Old Testament Bible happenings. ans.htm

Week 2 Math: Skip Counting the 3s and 4s
Included behind this section is a fun file folder game found here: p.html

Week 2 English: About, Above, Across, After, Against
Give your children a box (shoe box is fine) and allow them to make a scene using plastic figures, construction paper, play doh, etc. Then, take turns placing an action figure or doll in the scenery you created using one of this week’s prepositions. You could also just use the box and the doll to keep it simple. “The doll is above the box”, etc.

Week 2 Latin: Noun Cases
This may not be appropriate for your child depending on their age, but it is helpful for parents so they understand what’s going on.

Week 2 Science: 5 Kingdoms of Living Things Several powerpoint presentations:
Make a poster separated into 5 portions. Pull out your old magazines and allow children to cut out and paste pictures into each kingdom. Cooking magazines can be helpful for fungi, and even your old Good Housekeepings may have pictures with close-ups of Monera or Protista (look for Clorox or Neosporin advertisements!) 
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