Sunday, August 12, 2012

Swim Team 2012

This year was our first year of Swim Team and we had so much fun.  I was really unsure that I wanted to spend 2 hours a day at the pool, but the kids enjoyed the structure that swim team added to our day, and they had a great time with all the social events.  I was able to enjoy my mornings having coffee and chatting with other moms, as well as reading (can you believe that!) while the kids swam.  Savannah didn't get a space on the developmental program until 3 weeks from the end of our season, but she was such a trooper about going everyday, which was made easier by the fact that "her friend" Anna was there.  I remember being little and thinking that older kids were just the coolest people ever, so I'm actually so thankful for Anna and her entire family who were such great sports about my children attaching themselves to them and are really great role models for my kids, too!

Savannah and her BFF from this summer's activities, hanging out at a meet and after the end of the season awards ceremony with their medals. 

For Logan, swim team was more of a stretch.  Early Saturday morning meets and daily practice just didn't have the draw that hockey has for him, but he didn't' want to sit on the side and watch, either.  Logan's also never been a "racer" and so it was hard for him to come in (nearly) dead last every meet.  His strokes improved, though, and if he wants to, I bed next year he can kick some butt.  or, keep dogging it, but enjoy the water every day, whatever.  We're not raising 10 year old olympians over here.  

Logan's lane coach was awesome.  She kept him happy during meets and encourages him every step of the way.  We were way thankful for her happy demeanor and constant patience.
So then we had Captain Competitive.  Riley really likes competing with people and he likes to win.  He wasn't the fastest out there, he finished 10th in our division in freestyle and 11th in backstroke, but he's not a year round competitive swimmer, which most of the faster kids allegedly were, and they give out heat winner ribbons, so I think he really came out feeling like he was way cooler than he actually is ;) We're still very proud of him (as well as his siblings) because they all did great in different ways.  Savannah was patient waiting while her brothers swam and she couldn't touch the water, Logan really learned a lot about positive attitude, and Riley really did try hard to win every heat.

When Savannah finally got on the developmental team, the season was almost over, but they did a really cute competition for them with just the kids on our team, and they even did an Olympic Torch walk as they entered the pool.  Swim team was a really positive experience for us, and we're looking forward to next year, more head-sized donuts on Wednesdays, and even more time sitting at the pool as we'll have kids in either 2 or 3 time slots.  (I'm taking book recommendations now!)

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