Saturday, July 4, 2009

Back Blogging- 4th of July

Yay for Backdating :)

We love the 4th of July around our house- although we took it pretty easy this year. We were supposed to be joining "our friend Mr. Anderson" walking in the parade- but since I totally jacked my back up on the boat the day before, we decided to watch from the side. The kids had a great time waving and collecting candy, but I think that we all agreed that the "longest parade in Virginia" was about 2 hours too long!! It lasted forever with lots of 4 minute breaks inbetween groups...could have been shorter and more condensed IMHO- but still fun!!

Before we left the house, I convinced the kids to let me paint their faces, and I think they turned out really cute!! Riley was really into it and basically had me do his entire body! Logan preferred the paint on his arm (no surprise- he still doesn't like stickers on him), and even Savannah wanted a little paint!!

After the parade, we went back to Grandma and Papa's house for some swimming and Aunt Elaine and Uncle Tom joined us for some grilling and chilling :) Then we hung out until it was time to leave for the Potomac Nationals game!!

The game was really great- the kids all enjoyed it and even Savannah did a great job of being up so late! The fireworks were fantastic (they always are!!) and you can't beat the price. The kids had a great time seeing "Uncle Slam", too. Savannah asked to go and see him every time she saw him, but he was definitely more exciting for her to look at from 50 feet away than up close! She refused to go near him every time Daddy took her within 4 feet of him!! The boys loved it, though!!

At the end of the night, though, we took my favorite picture. Even after a tiring day, the kids were being so good together- and I don't think that I can say anything more about how awesome it is to see our kids together than this picture:

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