Friday, July 3, 2009

Backblogging- Boat!!

Daddy had the day off today!! Yay for Daddy!! That meant that everyone was able to get a little bit of alone-ish time, and the boys and I decided we'd use our time to go out on Papa's boat!! We had a really great time out on the Potomac River, and Riley even got to drive!! (His steering skills need work!!) Both boys jumped in, much to my dismay (but they still seem to have all their skin), and probably the funniest part was Logan who needed to go potty, and being a boy, did so off the back of the boat. He then told my dad that he had gotten some on his hands, so my dad had him rinse his fingers in the river. Logan was sooo excited and ran up to tell me "Momma, Momma, I rinsed my fingers off with the water I pottied in!!"

Sometimes I wonder what my children will tell their kids about their childhoods :) Anyhow, a fun time was had by all, and Savannah got an extra-long and extra-quiet nap with Daddy, who enjoyed having some real time off!!

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