Friday, July 10, 2009

Starting with Today

These things always have to start somewhere!! So, here is today.

Today was actually a rather sad day. We came over to Grandma and Papa's house early to have scrambled eggs and bacon with their dog, Cassie, who was going to get put down because her hips had gotten so bad she could barely walk. All of our kids love dogs, but Daddy hates them, so sadly, they're out of luck.

All the kids gave Cassie lots of kisses and hugs, and then while the younger two went down for a nap, Riley went with Gram and Papa and Daddy (who came home early since I didn't think I could do it!!) to the vet. After being around when my grandmother was sick and dying, it seemed so normal to him that he'd go when Cassie was put down. His faith is so amazing- he just embraces that Cassie is better off and trusts that God has a plan for all of his creation.

After that we all swam and enjoyed some dinner with the Grandparents and Uncle Kevin. Riley and Logan did their workbooks before bed- Logan is so happy to be a "big boy" and do his work, but Riley still has a bit of an attitude. Hopefully that will change before September!!
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