Thursday, June 30, 2011

In Which We Shatter Paradigms

My poor little Riley.

He was so disappointed today when he realized our "trial run" of homeschooling was going to last all summer.  He thought it was just a week where we proved to Daddy we could do it and felt like it "wasn't fair" that his friends don't have to do anything all summer but have fun and watch TV.  Granted, we haven't watched TV, but we've been to the pool AND the park every day this week but one (and it was just no pool, still the park).  We talked about adjusting his view of "school" to "learning" but he wasn't really emotionally on board for some kind of exestential BS on education, so finally, I told him life isn't fair and he'd have to put on his big boy panties and deal with it.

He responded with an eye roll and a "ugh, fine!" and did his work.

We also got to have lunch today with some former neighbors of my grandmother's.  They had such neat stories, especially about old DC, and it was great to visit with them.

I need some serious inspiration on the dinner front, in other news.  I'm tired at the end of the day, and hot, and I'd rather serve watermelon and popcorn every night than cook.  I haven't been hungry but that doesn't mean my family isn't!! Tonight I threw together some pasta and sauce with green beans and mandarin oranges (both from cans) and called it a day.  It was a huge hit though since Grandma showed up with a surprise peach cobbler. (Go team Grammy!!)
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