Friday, December 30, 2011

Girls Night!! (With the "Sister Wife")

My friend Jennifer quit school with me.

It's always more fun to quit together.

She has been such a great help and source of encouragement to me throughout this first year of homeschooling our children, both of whom have flourished under CC although our approaches and supplementary curricula are very different.  Jennifer is always a trooper and willing to do crazy things like field trips in other states that coincide with our history sentences. Even on local field trips she's such a great help, especially since I always seem to have between 1 and 10 extra children with me! One day we joked that everyone kept staring at us at a museum because we had so many children.  "They must think we're sister wives!" Never one to let an inside joke go, it stuck :)

One thing that I love about Jennifer is that she NEVER complains.  Ever.  (Although if she ever needs to, I will be more than happy to listen to her).  Girlfriend had some serious, serious issues in her first marriage.  Her health has been in jeopardy several times over the last year, including a bout with cancer and surgery to remove it.  She moved.  Just this week, her husband left for Afghanistan.  She's raising 3 kids, including her daughter she adopted from her now husband's first marriage and a little girl with Lyme Disease.  If anyone could take a day and just completely lose their ish, it would be her.  But she doesn't.  (I think it's the wine, personally, but maybe she's just incredibly strong, too)  I'm so inspired by her ability to keep calm and carry on.  Oh, also, I love that when I whine, she doesn't throw it in my face that my problems are petty.  Thanks for that, Sister Wife!

Anyway, this is all to say that since hubby is away and she's such an awesome person and we play hooky from Public School together, she's a great girls night out date! Her friend from high school made a local independent film called "The Fellows Hip", which is not really my scene (it's about gamers who are trying to make it to a Lord of the Rings online gaming competition), but I was excited to go to a premier and it was really fun to see all the local places they used in what was actually a very well done film!
I'm not as cute as her husband, but since he's getting ready to fly to Afghanistan, I'll do in a pinch.  We had dinner first at a Great American restaurant and I got to introduce Jennifer to the fantastic fried dough balls of fatness, which are really very fantastic :) Dinner was awesome and I had lemoncello martinis.  Love.  Next we went over to the theater and checked in.  I have not done many cool things in my lifetime, but the two times I've had to say "We're on the list" I've felt way cooler than I actually am. This was one of those times!

Wait, wait, wait- there's a red carpet?? This calls for some fun with iPhone pictures, even though Mrs. Jennifer had an ACTUAL camera that would have taken good ones!  Work it, girl!
I am not sexy in any way, shape, or form, but my shoes were sexy, and they worked the carpet.  Work it shoes, work it!! (I love these shoes and I hate being taller than Austin so I NEVER wear them.  My feet were strangely unhappy after being forced to run 4 miles before I went out and then being in 3 inch stilettos for the first time in 2 years for a few hours, but they make me feel pretty!)

We had a great time, and as I mentioned, the movie was well done, even if I didn't understand the gaming and Lord of the Rings references.  Plus, it's always great to get a night out with your "Sister Wife", especially when you don't actually have to share husbands!
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