Saturday, December 10, 2011

Soul Mates?

For those of you amused by my vampire interaction, I bring you true stories from Trader Joe's.
Me: (Looking at Nut Butters)
Older Gentleman with cane in his cart: "Well, are you gonna tell me I'm in your way?"
Me: Nope- you're not in my way yet. When I find what I'm looking for and you're in my way I'll just shove ya over (wink)
OG: Hah! Most people get all flustered and say "you're not in my way!!" and then blush!
Me: Do you need me to patronize you? You look too tough for that.
OG: I like you. If I were younger, I'd chase you down.
(From my cart there arose such a clatter from my 2 youngest beating each other)
Me: Is it quiet at your house? I'll walk slowly so you can catch me.
OG: Ha! Yes, and I get a social security check every month.
Me: Sold.
OG: Good. Now get walking slowly, you're blocking the jelly.

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