Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa Concert

I'm not sure who our preschool thinks they're fooling with the massive Santa Concert they do every year.

I think we all know that the big man is associated with Christmas.

But, whatever, they swear up one side and down the other they're "non-sectarian" and "multicultural", which has nothing to do with why we picked the school, but is something I've started to find funny as the school increases in numbers, especially of Indian and Muslim students!

Either way, the concert is always cute, and the kids have fun showing off their skills.

This is actually a remarkably good picture of Grammy and Savannah, both of whom tend to make funny faces in their pictures!! Grammy has exams this week, but took some time off from studying to come and hear the concert.  The funny part was that Savannah promised that she'd sing extra loud, but then her age group did a dance and not a song!!  Too funny!! She was very adorable dancing to music from the Nutcracker, though!

After the concert we made sure to snap a picture of Savannah and her best preschool buddies.  It was complete chaos in the fellowship hall, there were millions of people and cookies everywhere, so if the girls look a little overwhelmed, that's why!! These three are such fun to watch together!!
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