Monday, January 9, 2012

This Week....

I'm starting a diet/detox this week that involves no gluten, no sugar, and no dairy.


I haven't felt healthy in several months (years) and I'm also going to make a point of going to the doctor to get the testing done for my thyroid and gall bladder that haven't been completed and absolutely have to.

This week food will be different for me and the kids, which is weird, but how it's going to be.

Breakfasts- Momma: Fruit or Green smoothies, apple/banana/strawberry fruit salad, egg whites with salsa
                 Kiddos: cream of wheat with bananas, cereal, fruit salad, scrambled eggs with cheese and toast

Lunches- Momma: Gluten-Free Toast with avocado and tomato, 1/2 sweet potato with chicken, kale salad, leftovers
               Kiddos: pbj, chicken salad sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, leftover spaghetti and meatballs

Monday- Crock Pot Roast Chicken, Cooked Carrots, green salad, mashed (kids) or baked (me) potato
Tuesday- Vegetable stir fry with quinoa
Wednesday- Chicken and Dumplings (kids) Chicken vegetable soup (me)
Thursday- Leftovers
Friday- Red Beans and Rice, Sauteed Kale with Garlic
Saturday- Out
Sunday- London broil with roast cauliflower, green beans with shallots and garlic, and all fruit sorbet

This weekend I'm also going to be taking advantage of some after-Christmas sales and putting some spiral-sliced ham in 1 pound containers to freeze for lunches, as well as roasting 3 Turkey breasts to slice on my mom's deli slicer for the same purpose.  Lunchmeat this week is $7 a pound, which lasts our family about 1 lunch.  I can get ham this week for $1.10 a pound or Turkey for $1.25 a pound, so if I'm not lazy, I'll save almost $6 a pound, and have something that doesn't have all the added sodium or nitrites the regular deli meat does.  (And I should have enough for a few months!)  That also means I'll be making stock from the turkey and split pea soup from the ham. Yum!
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