Monday, January 23, 2012

CC Cycle 3 Week 16

I didn't really do anything outstanding last week.  We just did work.  We ended up flipping our Monday to the afternoon so that I could help my mom out with something at work and just never recovered.  CC went well, although I spent the entire time (practically) at a meet up for my website.  We had a playmate with some CC friends, and by this weekend, everyone was a little under the weather, so we were just off all around.

This week, I'm doing better.

History- Immigrants coming to America: we're going to read several supplemental books and talk about the people in our family and how they came to immigrate to America.  We'll be listening to story of the world (of course) over lunchtime and we're going to start and finish our history review lap book (we can go faster on this one because the kids are all very confident in their history).  The boys will finish up their projects on American Inventors and present them at CC this week for our family's presentation time at opening.

Latin- We'll add 2 more components to our Latin lap book and work on our sign language and Latin verse memorization.  I think for next year I want to add an actual Latin curriculum, but I want to find other people that have done that to see if it's worthwhile.

English- Irregular Verb Tenses- To Shake.  Austin gave me a shake weight for Christmas! That'll be fun! I'm also thinking we're going to make butter in a mason jar.  Shake, shake, shake! Then we'll write about it.  "We decided to make butter.  To make butter, you need to shake cream in a jar.  First, Riley shook the jar.  While Riley was shaking the jar, Logan watched.  After Logan's turn, the cream was well shaken.  It was butter!" or something like that.  Riley's finished all the worksheets I have on irregular verbs and he's gotten 100s on all of them, so I feel like we're good here.  We'll also press on with our IEW work.  Riley will have actual spelling words, because while the spelling work we do is fantastic and teaching him the right process, it's also taking forever and if he spells "because" wrong one more time I'm going to lose it.

Science- Elements of the Periodic Table.  Right.  So, In a fit of crazy, I decided I would make my own coloring book for the elements, since the one I found was very pricey.  (I know no one reads this, but if anyone wants a copy, just email me!) I made the pages small so we can cut them out and put them on the wall in the kitchen "Periodic Table" style.  We're also having our first science club this week and I'll be teaching on conversion of elements.  Should be fun!!  Also....
If your elements are not the very model of a modern major general, then you're clearly doing it wrong.  All wrong.

Math- just keep swimming! Riley's going to finish book 2A around the end of January (note to self: order 2B) and is doing fantastic with more and more complex multiplication and division.  It was a welcome change as he was getting bored and lazy with subtraction and addition.  Logan is also plugging along and his work has come back to being more number intensive, which is good because I didn't love the lack of numbers the last few chapters.  Also, our memory work for this week is PiR2 (Pi r squared) and that really calls for the making of a pie!! I haven't picked a flavor yet, maybe apple? But definitely a pie.

Geography- Bays.  Hoping to do a watershed experiment and make some boats! I'd also like to see if I can find a field trip that doesn't require $25 a kid with a 25 kid minimum.

So....that's the plan :) I'll let you know how it goes!
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