Friday, January 6, 2012

What Life Looks Like

Someone asked me what life looks like as a "crazy homeschooler" the other I thought I'd share a few "perspective" pictures.  Most of my day is the same- get up, get dressed, get everyone else up and dressed, breakfast, clean up, lunch, clean up, errands, sports, scouts, dinner, clean up, but in the mornings instead of the precious, precious alone time I used to love, I do this:
Warmup, math, English, memory work, grammar, Latin, spelling, geography, history and some light facebook/blogging happen at the table after we do our Bible study for the day.  Savannah works puzzles or Montessori centers when she's not at preschool.  
Whoever finishes their first chunk of morning work first does their reading with me first.  Riley is getting really heavy to sit on my lap, but I know he won't curl up to read on me for long, so I'll enjoy it while it lasts. Then Riley will go work on a pet project (usually Story of the World) or review, and Logan will switch in to read to me from Teach Your Child  to Read.
A little free time while I make lunch.  Savannah likes a good game of Go-Fish, and her brothers usually choose Legos or a science experiment.
During lunch I read aloud from whatever our current book is.  It doesn't take us long to finish them! I didn't realize how much reading I would be doing taking a classical approach.  There's usually a book or two for each subject and our "pleasure" read.  This week was the BFG. Schnozcumbers, anyone?
If I do it right, Savannah falls asleep while I'm reading, which makes the afternoon go a little quicker.
We finish up with unit studies, like our current Chemistry unit, and then we do our memory work one more time.  We're typically done between 1 and 2, which leaves time for things like Art classes, hiking, resting, more reading, etc, before our friends get out of school. 
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