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Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 10

(This week uses content from CC Connected, which is available for $7 per month for registered CC Families)
Cycle 1 Week 10


Timeline       Use CC Hand motions

History          Tell me about the Heian Empire  (CC Song)
                        Hand Motions:
Heian                  sign language “H”
weakened          let your “H” go limp as if your hand is growing weak
shoguns              make guns with both hand and shoot R-L-R in rapid succession
rule                     pound the ground with your scepter
expel                  hitchhiking thumb over shoulder
isolation             shrinking pose (look down, bring arms into your chest)
circa                   draw a circle with one finger in the air
Commodore Matthew Perry                        salute
trade                  alternate giving and taking with hands
Meiji                   sign language “M”
Japan                  sign language “J”
                                           Scholastic’s Everything You Need to Know About World History Homework p.36-37
                                           CC’s C1 History Highlight W10 (CY1 HistHighs wks1-12 Aug-09.pdf in FSC-History)

Latin               Noun Endings – 4th Declension   (CC Song)
                                    Repeat. Say. Hear. Sing
                                    Use C1 Latin Noun Declensions Picture Pronunciation Gu.pdf in FSC-Latin
                                    Use C1 Noun Declension Charts Classroom Size.pdf in FSC-Latin
                                    Use C1 Latin Noun Declensions Single Page.doc in FSC-Latin
                                                      Print and place in page protectors.  Have students write out the first 3 declensions while saying the chant.

4th Declension
Nominative (SN)
- us
- ūs
Genitive (PN)
- ūs
- uum
Dative (IO)
- uī
- ibus
Accusative (DO)
- um
- ūs
Ablative (OP)
- ū
- ibus

Science          What are some kinds of leaves and leaf parts?
                                    Some kinds of leaves and leaf parts are: 
                                                                        spines, needles, tendrils, bracts, bud scales and palmate. 
                                    Repeat. Say. Hear. Sing. (AJT C1 W10 Science Song_Leaves.mp3 in FSC-Science)
                                     Show diagram
                                           Use C1 W10 Leaves and Leaf Parts Clipart.ppt in FSC-Science.
                                           Scholastic’s Everything You Need to Know About Science Homework p.24-25

Geography    Japan                        Locate each spot.
                        Repeat. Say. Hear. Sing.  (CC C1 Geography w1 to 12.mp3 in FSC-Geography)
                                    Map and Story Picture:
                                    A Treasure Hunt in JAPAN
                                    Search for the key (KYOTO), to unlock this treasure chest.  Inside there is a token (TOKYO) and a treasure map.  The map will lead you to the top of MT.FUJI, to the shores of the PACIFIC OCEAN and across the beautiful countryside to the SEA OF JAPAN.  Perhaps you will discover that the greatest treasures of all are all around us.
English          Prepositions            Preposition Song (C1 Weekly CD)-Repeat. Say. Hear. Sing.
                                    Use your Preposition Pete/Patty to act out the prepositions on your Preposition List.
                                    (C1 W1 to 12 Preposition Pete the Puppet.pdf in FSC-English)
through                     Pete runs THROUGH the tunnel. (Hold up left arm/hand making a tunnel.  Pete goes through it.)
throughout  Pete travels THROUGHOUT the world.  (Move Pete all around.)
to                 Pete gives something TO me. (Have Pete put something into my hand.)
toward                      Pete moves TOWARD me.  (Have Pete move toward your nose and give you a kiss.)

Math               Skip Counting Squares      
                                           Use W10 Math Squares BW.pdf in FSC-Math.
                                           For older students, use graph paper and have them draw their own squares.

FINE ARTS – Tin Whistle

Theory           Review Treble Clef Note Name Rhymes (Lines: Every Good Boy Does Fine; Spaces: FACE)
                                    Review Week 7-8: Use Mary Had a Little Lamb to review:
                                    Staff, Musical Notes, Whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note, time signature, measure, bar lines. 
                        Introduce:      Musical Scale, Octave, Sharp, Flat
                        Draw D-scales with dry erase markers.  Clap rhythms
Tin Whistle  Review Left Hand and Right Hand Notes
                        Teach D-Scale
                        Teach the first line of Mary Had a Little Lamb

SCIENCE – VanCleave Experiment             #62 Pollution

Scientific Method       (Post Section Titles from C1 Exp Scientific Experiment Banners for White Boa.ppt from
FSC-Science Project down the left side of the classroom white board.  Walk students through the scientific method, remembering…”The process is the goal.”)
Have a classroom mom write the data from the board onto a blank lab sheet:
                                                      (W9 Science Experiment Script.doc in FSC-Science Projects Folder demonstrates how to engage students in the scientific method.  Modify for week 10.)
Journal Page                    Hand out two blank copies of Scientific Lab Sheet to put in their folders.  E-mail scanned copies of the classroom lab sheets to students.  Have students copy it onto their lab sheets.

PRESENTATIONS –A Poem Recitation

Present:         A Poem Recitation (2-3 minutes)
Skills:             Confidence
                        Eye contact

Prepare         Expository Speech w/Visual Aid (2-3 minutes)
                        An Expository Speech is one that exposes something.  It is factual—not something you make up.  This week we will “expose” a hobby or a subject about which you have read a lot.  Share interesting facts.  You may bring a picture, chart, poster or prop to help your audience relate to your topic.  Practice using your visual aid(s) in your presentation.  This presentation should be 2-3 minutes long.

Practice:        All delivery skills.

Demonstrate: Tutor demonstrates a poem recitation (2-3 minutes).


Geography    World Map - 7 Continents Song (FSC). 
                        Fold 8.5x11 sheet of paper in half.  This represents the equator.  Draw the continents as blobs in the correct locations.
                        Africa Map – Geography Song (FSC). 
                        Label Fertile Crescent, Assyrian Empire, Hittite Empire, Nile Delta, Roman Empire in your Geography Notebook with a dry erase marker.
                        Hebrew Map – Geography Song (FSC).  Trace and label Hebrew Empire.
                        Eastern Asia Map – Geography Song (FSC).  Use tracing paper to trace and label Indus River, China, Eastern Asia, and Japan.
W4-9              Modified Musical Chairs
                        Have 8 chairs labeled with the following tags:  History Timeline, History, Latin, Science, English, Math, Geography, and Free Space.  Put all of the flashcards that need to be reviewed in a brown paper bag.  Have students walk around the chairs while playing the Classical Music For Dummies CD (which we will be using next quarter).  When the music stops, the students sit in the chairs.  Draw out a flashcard and the student in the corresponding chair attempts to answer the question.  If the student answers correctly, he/she remains in the game.  If the student does not answer correctly, he/she stands next to the wall.  The game continues until only one student is remaining.  If all of the flashcards have not been reviewed by the time the game is over, play again.
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