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Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 9

(This week uses content from CC Connected, which is available for $7 per month for registered CC Families)
Cycle 1 Week 9


Timeline       Use CC Hand motions

History          Tell me about Confucius   (CC Song)
                        Hand Motions:
Confucius             Sign language C on forehead (Confucius was a philosopher)
Obedience           make a circle with a sign language “o”
Respect    salute like a soldier
Taoism/path      use both hands to make a winding path
  with nature         make “singing hands”  (think of Sound of Music, how they stood for their performance at the festival)
Study Topic:         Ancient India and China
                                           Scholastic’s Everything You Need to Know About World History Homework p.33-35
                                           CC’s C1 History Highlight W9 (CY1 HistHighs wks1-12 Aug-09.pdf in FSC-History)

Latin               Noun Endings – 4th Declension   (CC Song)
                                    Repeat. Say. Hear. Sing
                                    Use C1 Latin Noun Declensions Picture Pronunciation Gu.pdf in FSC-Latin
                                    Use C1 Noun Declension Charts Classroom Size.pdf in FSC-Latin

4th Declension
Nominative (SN)
- us
- ūs
Genitive (PN)
- ūs
- uum
Dative (IO)
- uī
- ibus
Accusative (DO)
- um
- ūs
Ablative (OP)
- ū
- ibus

Science          What are some parts of a plant?
                                    Some parts of a plant are leaves, stems, and roots. 
                                    Repeat. Say. Hear. Sing. (AJT C1 W09 Science Song_Plant Parts.mp3 in FSC-Science)
                                     Show diagram
                                           ( used again in week 12
                                             also saved in FSC-Science as C1 W9 and W12 Plant Diagram and Photosynthesis.ppt
                                           Scholastic’s Everything You Need to Know About Science Homework p.22-23

Geography    Eastern Asia    Locate each spot.
                        Repeat. Say. Hear. Sing.  (CC C1 Geography w1 to 12.mp3 in FSC-Geography)
                                    Map and Story Picture:
                                    Happily Ever After in EATERN ASIA
                                    A Mongolian Monkey (MONGOLIA) loved a Chinese Chimpanzee (CHINA).  They courted (KOREA) for 3 weeks and got married.  They took a cruise to JAPAN and sailed home across the YELLOW SEA where they lived happily ever after.
English          Prepositions            Preposition Song (C1 Weekly CD)-Repeat. Say. Hear. Sing.
                                    Use your Preposition Pete/Patty to act out the prepositions on your Preposition List.
                                    (C1 W1 to 12 Preposition Pete the Puppet.pdf in FSC-English)
outside        Pete plays OUTSIDE the house.  (Remind kids of OUT from W8.  Have Pete jump up and down outside.)
over             Pete jumps OVER the fence.  (Left hand is the fence.  Pete jumps over it.)
past             Pete races PAST me.  (Start with Pete behind you.  Have it race past you.)
regarding    Pete whispers in my ear REGARDING a problem. 
since            Pete grew SINCE yesterday.  (Hold left hand above Pete and motion growing taller.)

Math               Skip Counting 15s              
                                    Point and say skip-counting facts.  Repeat. Say. Hear. Sing.  (CC Song)

FINE ARTS – Tin Whistle

Theory           Review Treble Clef Note Name Rhymes (Lines: Every Good Boy Does Fine; Spaces: FACE)
                                    Review Week 7-8: Use Mary Had a Little Lamb to review:
                                    Staff, Musical Notes, Whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note
                        Introduce:      Time Signature, Measure, Bar lines
                        Draw notes with dry erase markers.  Clap rhythms.
                        Hand out “Extra Rhythm Exercises-Beginner.”  Clap rhythms. 
Tin Whistle  Teach right hand notes
                              G      open
                              F#    finger code 1
                              E       finger code 2
                              D      finger code 3
                        Demonstrate right hand exercise

SCIENCE – VanCleave Experiment             #57 Blending

                                                                 #58 Ground Temperature
Scientific Method       (Post Section Titles from C1 Exp Scientific Experiment Banners for White Boa.ppt from
FSC-Science Project down the left side of the classroom white board.  Walk students through the scientific method, remembering…”The process is the goal.”)
Have a classroom mom write the data from the board onto a blank lab sheet:
                                                      (W9 Science Experiment Script.doc in FSC-Science Projects Folder demonstrates how to engage students in the scientific method.)
Journal Page                    Hand out two blank copies of Scientific Lab Sheet to put in their folders.  E-mail scanned copies of the classroom lab sheets to students.  Have students copy it onto their lab sheets.

PRESENTATIONS –Persuasive Speech

Present:         A Persuasive Speech (2-3 minutes)
Skills:             Confidence
                        Eye contact

Prepare         A Poem Recitation
                        Choose any kind of poem.  It can be funny or serious.  Memorize as much as you can and use notes only if needed.  Remember to enhance your recitation with expression and gestures.

Practice:        All delivery skills.

Demonstrate: Tutor demonstrates a poem recitation (2-3 minutes).


Geography    World Map - 7 Continents Song (FSC). 
                        Fold 8.5x11 sheet of paper in half.  This represents the equator.  Draw the continents as blobs in the correct locations.
                        Africa Map – Geography Song (FSC). 
                        Label Fertile Crescent, Assyrian Empire, Hittite Empire, Nile Delta, Roman Empire in your Geography Notebook with a dry erase marker.
                        Hebrew Map – Geography Song (FSC).  Trace and label Hebrew Empire.
                        Eastern Asia Map – Geography Song (FSC).  Use tracing paper to trace and label Indus River, China, and Eastern Asia.
W2-7              Jeopardy
(Use JEOPARDY.pdf in FSC-Misc)

Divide into two teams. Assign point values to each week. For example, when we are on week 9, week 3 would be worth 100, week 4 would be 200, week 5 would be 300, week 6 would be 400, week 7 would be 500, week 8 would be 600. The first person on Team A chooses a category and a point value. For example, History for 600. Tell the student what is on the front of the History Flashcard for week 6: "Tell me about the Fall of Rome". If the student correctly says what is on the back of the card, they earn 600 points for their team. If the student does not correctly say what is on the back of the card, I have the entire class say the fact together. Then the first person from Team B chooses a category and a point value. For example, "Math for 300". That would be Math from Week 5. I ask them to skip count the 9s and 10s. If the student correctly skip counts the 9s and 10s, then he/she earns 300 point for Team B.
Prior to the game, write down one subject and one point value as an "Audio Daily Double." When a student guesses that Subject/Value, make that cool "audio daily double sound". If the student answers correctly, he/she earns double the assigned point value for his/her team.  High Score wins!  In reality…everyone wins by learning the facts!
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