Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 8

Cut out the images below and use them to replace words in the memory work.  This works for just about any week, especially if you have a visual learner or a non-reader/not confident reader.  You can also associate each image with a set of words (for example, the flag of India with “which helped win India’s independence”) and then have your child put the images in order along with the phrases.

Week 8 Geography: China

Eyewitness Books has an Ancient Egypt book that you can get at the library.

We like to use tracing paper and copy the map out of the CC guide and then cut into pieces to use as a puzzle.  

Week 8 Math: Skip Counting 14s

Print out the numbers through 200 (you’ll probably need to do it front and back) and then put this inside of a plastic cover or laminate it, if you have one.  Then, for each week of skip counting, you can have your child go thorugh and circle the correct numbers.  Sometimes I’ll have my child count up by the number (so 14 this week) so they get the concept that they’re moving 14 spaces each time.

Week 8 English: More Prepositions

Play a game of hide and go seek with a toy.  Tell your child they need to go hide the toy using the prepositions (in order) we’re learning this week.  You can write them on notecards beforehand so there is a visual.  Then go (or if you have more than one kid, have them go) and look for the toy

Week 8 Science: What are some types of seed plants

It would be fun to visit a garden center or botanical garden this week.  There is a very beautiful one in Richmond called the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.  Have your child take a notebook and record drawings of plants and whether they are a monocot, dicot or conifer using the charts below to assist.


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