Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 6

Several members of our community cooperated on an idea book this year.  Here is our list for this week. 

Cycle 1 Week 6


Timeline     Prophets of God – Use CC Hand motions

History       Tell me about the fall of Rome       (CC Song)
                  Hand Motions:
                  Taxes: Rub fingers together, motioning money

Slavery: Put hands out in front as if in handcuffs

Unemployment: Pull/or pretend to pull- pockets out (like no money)

Diseases: Place your hand on your forehead as if you had a fever.

Fall of Rome: Fall down       

Latin          Noun Endings – 2nd Declension       (CC Song)
                  Repeat. Say. Hear. Sing
                  Use Latin Noun Ending Pictorial Pronunciation Guide (on FSC)
                  Use C1 Noun Declension Charts Classroom Size.pdf (on FSC)

Science       What are the 5 groups of vertebrates?
                  Fish- fish lips
                  Amphibians- frog jump
                  Reptiles- move our hands/bodies like a snake
                  Mammals- pant with hands out in front/ like a dog
                  Birds- arms out pretending to fly
                  Repeat. Say. Hear. Sing. (CC W6 Vertebrate Song From NoGreaterJoy5 on FSC)
                  Show pictures of different animals or act them out when the song says “Which one am I?”

Geography  Roman Empire    Geography Song (on FSC) – Repeat. Say. Hear. Sing.
                  Map and Story Picture:
                  Alexandria wanted to tour Europe, but the rain (in SPAIN) destroyed the ants in (GAUL/FRANCE) and the germs (in GERMANIA/GERMANY) scared him away.  So ALEXANDRIA  remained home in CARTHAGE.

English       Prepositions        Preposition Song (C1 Weekly CD)-Repeat. Say. Hear. Sing.
                  Use your Preposition Pete/Patty to act out the prepositions on your Preposition List.

Math          Skip Counting 11s and 12s    (CC Song)
                  Point and say skip-counting facts. 
                  Play “Popcorn” (Each student pops up to say the next number in the skip count.)

FINE ARTS – Perspective

Review       Basic principles of OiLs, Mirror Image, Upside Down, Abstract, and Perspective (~10 minutes)

Final Project                                   Bring in pictures that demonstrate abstract art, perspective, or OiLs.  Have students select a drawing that they would like to sketch. 

SCIENCE – Owl Pellets

Discuss:     Owls (Use a book from the library to share about the eating habits of an owl.)

Owl Pellet  Two students will share an owl pellet and a guide (Could use C1 Proj W12
Discovery   Owl Pellet Bone Chart.pdf in FSC Science Project Folder).  Identify bones and decide which animal was the most frequent meal of the owl.

Journal Page                                  Have students draw and write a journal page. 
                  (For younger students, allow them to color the owl pellet bone chart).  


Present:     Demonstrate how to make or do something.
Skills:                                            Begin and end with confidence using the 3-sec. rule
                  Make eye contact with your audience.
                  Use an appropriate volume.
Discuss       Expression:  Make your voice interesting by varying your tone and volume and using pauses to enhance your presentation

Prepare      A Biography and Famous Speech (2-3 min).

Practice:     Beginning and ending with confidence (3-second rule).
                  Making eye contact.
                  Speaking with appropriate volume so your audience can hear you.
                  Articulating so your audience can understand you.
                  Expressing yourself.  Varying your tone and volume and use pauses.

Demonstrate: Tutor demonstrates A Biography and a Famous Speech.

Geography  World Map - 7 Continents Song (FSC). 
                  Fold 8.5x11 sheet of paper in half.  This represents the equator.  Draw the continents as blobs in the correct locations.
                  Africa Map – Geography Song (FSC). 
                  Trace outline of Africa/Europe with pencil on tracing paper.
                  Label Fertile Crescent, Assyrian Empire, Hittite Empire with dry erase marker.
                  Hebrew Map – Geography Song (FSC).  Trace and label Hebrew Empire.
W1-5          Connect 4 (All subjects)
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