Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Week 5

Oh look, I have a plan.  And I'm writing again, good for me!

So, here's an overview of the last two days:

Monday (History!)
Memory work, Reading, Math (Logan- order of numbers and generating written numbers from memory, Riley- finishing multiplication), History (listen to Story of the World, Coloring projects on the great seal and the flag), Writing (Katie Marie joined us!), Football

Tuesday (Science!)
Memory work, Reading, Math (Logan- popsicle stick number line, copying numbers, Riley, intro to division), Science (Smell/Taste experiment- which foods can we smell and identify, which can we taste (hold your nose!) and identify when we're blindfolded), Impromptu science because I taught them about the glass armonica.....every wine glass in my house is full of varying levels of water.  Riley's recording water levels he's tried on a stick.  It's cute.
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