Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In Which We Post for Caitie

Hi Caitie!!

Caitie said I needed to have a list of acronyms since I'm throwing them around like they're going out of style.

Here's what I'm talking about

IEW- Institute for Excellence in Writing. We're using this. It's K-2. (Smart!) and included All About Spelling (Smarter!)

CC- Classical Conversations.  We build out our curriculum around this. We also meet once a week with our local CC community. 

Singapore- Singapore Math.  Whooo Asians! We love this even though it's confusing to Riley when people have names like Wu-Tang.  Logan is doing Earlybird Kindergarten A and Riley is doing 1B (because PWCS don't teach multiplication, division, or fractions in first grade).  Riley will finish 1B by the 2nd week of October, though, and will move to 2A.  Logan will finish Kindergarten A by December and move to Kindergarten B by January.  We love the easy readers that go along with the Kindergarten lessons!

Timeline Cards.   So your child, too, can do this.

I think that's it- if I forgot anything let me know :) 
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