Monday, September 19, 2011

In Which We Wonder If We Care...

Logan and Riley have been doing a little bit of complaining lately.  Riley feels like the work we do at home is grossly unfair because "I know it's more work than my friends are doing at school".  I know it is, too, but that's why we're doing this.  We believe that they're capable of more.

Today, driving Savannah Lynn to preschool, Logan bellowed that he wanted to go to preschool, too, and he wanted to go to Kindergarten at Riley's old school because he doesn't like being home.

I was totally crushed.

But then I got it together and asked him why.  Apparently he's been taking in a few mentoring lessons from his brother.  "School is easier and all you have to do is sit with your friends and then you go to recess and sometimes you do math.  It's just easy.  I like easy things."

Well.....I've thought about it, and your complaints have been registered.  But, I don't care.  Hopefully your future therapists will understand.

I really am working to make sure I include provisions for (especially Riley) the kids.  When Riley wanted to be in a cub scout den with 2 of his former classmates, for example, I moved him.  I'm trying to make sure we have adequate social interaction and that the kids get time away from me.  I really am.  But sometimes, I guess I need to know what's best for them, and let them vent without absorbing it :)

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